Menu Plan - Week 2

Ehhh..Sunday was spent on the couch and in the bathroom thanks to the lovely flu bug I picked up ... so Menu Planning was set aside.

But I still feel the need to plan SOMETHING, even when the mere thought of food makes my stomach roil ... ugggg ... it has to end soon, right?

Still sticking to using what we have on hand and since I was sick all weekend, we still have the same food in the fridge and pantry and I didn't buy anything new over the weekend ... so here's what the rest of the week will be looking like:

Sunday - Hubby fended for himself and had leftover Chinese. That was Saturday night's dinner choice when I was laying flat on my back trying to keep my eyes open. Seriously, I felt like I was drugged or something. Bizarre. Hubby made an offer of soup AGAIN which sent me to the bathroom ... half bottle of propel was my dinner. Poor guy, he tried.

Monday - was really aiming to make dinner tonight ... Hubby is stopping to buy me some chicken noodle soup, the red labeled kind, the only kind that you eat when you are sick ... I really wanted to make something but at this very moment, I don't see that happening ...

Tuesday - please, please, please be on the flat road to recovery - keeping it simple still and planning on making this onion soup since I didn't get to it last week ... (I want to update the recipe and add photos). Have everything and will substitute a small can of shrooms for fresh

Wednesday - Cobb Salad ... everything on hand in fridge

Thursday - shrimp of sorts as I have a lot of shrimp still in the freezers, looking at shrimp cocktail, island shrimp, shrimp and veggies, bangin shrimp, thai shrimp, I'm not sure ... I have everything for all of those recipes ...

Friday - another attempt at chicken and veggies on the grill ...

Saturday - providing we are all the road to recovery (we should be!) we will probably go out on the boat since the weather is supposed to be excellent ... if we do, I'd like to make dinner franks on the boat grill late in the afternoon ... otherwise, it's Hubby's call ...

Saturday - providing we are all healthy (I certainly HOPE so!) we may go out on the boat at long last ... if so, I'd like to make dinner franks on the boat grill late in the afternoon. Apparently I need to double check things when I'm sick ...

Yeah, not a very exciting week ... I supposed if I held out and planned this when I felt better it might be more so, but at least I know I have everything on hand pretty much to make all of this.

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