Costco Time!

I enjoyed the Monday off ... worked out in the morning and then did a Costco stop and then came home, put away the food, cooked the chicken, chopped up 4 heads of lettuce, toasted some croutons and said I was D O N E for the day.

Off I went to Pinterest. Lovely way to spend a perfectly good day, don't you think? Uggg. Time Sucker.

Fortunately, I did eat most of the shrimp and finished it Tuesday ... just a simple shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon. That was lunch at 2pm. Dinner ended up being Chicken Caesar Salad ... which Princess was home and I had to remind her that her father might like some of that when he got home from the gym ... doh.

Do you want to know what I picked up at Costco? I KNOW YOU DO! :-) I love Costco ... but it's no longer the $200 store ... prices are really starting to creep up there even and it pains me to see that ... because I know it means the regular grocery store prices are creeping up too ...

2 pkgs of boneless thick cut pork chops $16.10 less $3 and $16.38 less $3
80 pack of Donut House coffee $37.99 (the Kirkland brand was MIA ... associate told me they were sold out...of course, 100 cups AND about $10 cheaper and it taste just like the Newman coffee)
2 x 3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.69 each (30 cents cheaper than last time I purchased)
6 pk romaine lettuce $4.29
2 twin pks of ultra thin hillshire farm turkey (lunch meat) $8.39 each less $2 each
3 pk deodorant (Secret Clinical) $14.99 less $4
6 lbs Protein Powder (Musclemilk) $48.99 (for Hubby, NOT me)
24 pk Protein Shakes (Musclemilk) $29.79 less $6 (again, for Hubby)
8 pk toothbrush $13.99 less $4
2 Krill Oil $19.99 less $5 each (by the way, this is the BEST place to buy the stuff)
8 pack of Kirkland tuna $14.99 (not that long ago, these were $8.99, CHEAP ... now they are the same price as the other, name brand stuff. I still buy it because it's the best tuna I've found)
92 pk Tampax $13.99 less $3
Always Pads $11.99 less $2.50
4 pk (lbs) butter $7.79  (oh joy, the price went down!)
LARGE bottle olive oil $11.99
1 gallon 2% milk $3.19
Boneless spiral ham $21.24 ... $2.89/lb, this was a request from Hubby as he really enjoyed the stuff at Christmas
2 pkgs of black forest ham (lunch meat) $7.22 and $7.54
2 pkgs of cooked bacon $11.99 each
large bottle of black pepper (coarse ground) $5.39
large tub cottage cheese $4.59

Grand total? $345.86. $150 more than I wanted to spend ... so let's evaluate where I went over:

$48.99 protein powder
$29.79 less $6 for protein shakes
$10 more for the coffee (since the MIA)
$26 total for spontaneous purchase of chops as that was a good price

Ah, theres about $110 right there.  Only thing is, even though I'm against the protein stuff, they have the best deal, although I should look on amazon ... coffee was the primary reason I went and the chops were something that I could easily put in the freezer for later date (they already are) ... regardless, I still LOVE Costco!

How about you ... love, hate or don't care about Costco?


  1. Hi! I just found your blog so first time responding. I too go to Costco but now that my kids are grown and there is just my husband and I, I find that the trips to Costco are fewer. There are fewer and fewer things that make sense for us to buy there in such large quantities. I do like to buy certain things there that I know are cheaper than the supermarket like a large box of tea, the detergent (clothes), dish soap, swiffers, etc. Alot of cleaning products have good prices too. As far as the actual food, I buy cereal and I love their rotisserie chicken. I think their prices are still better than the regular supermarkets but I know things have gone up in price. We used to buy the cashews and they are now outrageously priced even for Costco!

    1. Certain things I only buy from Costco ... and because we generally host dinner for friends every weekend, we do go through a LOT of food ... so even with just the 3 of us now, it's still worth it for some things ... and you are right, the price of nuts have gotten out of control in the past 6 months or so ...

  2. You know, I haven't even considered shopping at Costco since the kids left home. I didn't think that bulk shopping was worthwhile for just the two of us. Your shopping trip may have me rethinking. Thanks

    1. Used to be the two animals (now 20 and 22) would load the house up with others, especially the Boy with his band mates ... but now it's Hubby, me and the Princess ... but we do alot of cooking and entertaining with friends so alot of food still gets consummed.


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