Costco Time

I've been wanting to get out to Costco all month long but just have not had the time nor the funds ... but heck, Saturday, I told Hubby I was going ... was hoping he'd come along too ... but noooooo thank you, said the Man. So off I went on my own.

I had a list. Fairly detailed too. AND I stayed away from the interior section ... you know, where all that STUFF that sucks you in is at ... what sort of excellent gift opportunities did I miss, I wonder? I will never ever know ... and I'm fine with that.

So, with my trusty list and the American Express card, I shopped. I ran over a few souls that were wandering from sample station to sample station and may have even snatched a hawain roll with ham out of an unsuspecting shoppers' hand ... or may be not ...

I opted out of a few items as the quality or price were not what I expected ... I'm always disappointed when the price goes up quite noticeably but it's the way the economy is rolling now days ...

35 pk bottled water (on a quest to get back to drinking lots of water) $4.99 *increase
box of swifter wet pads $15.89
box of swifter dry pads $15.79
Dawn dishsoap $9.29
TP $14.99
Papertowel $14.99
6 pack romaine lettuce $4.29
5 lbs of beefsteak tomatoes $7.99
100 pk Kirkland Kcup coffee $37.99 *New item and strongly recommend! A lot cheaper than other brands and 100, no 80 cups
5 lbs shredded mozz. $13.99 *increase
5 lbs of shredded cheddar $14.99 *increase
10 lbs yellow onions $5.99
20 lb baking potatoes $6.99
bag of Cashew Crunch $9.99 (this stuff is HIGHLY addictive)
Bag of protein powder (muscle milk) $32.99
20 oz crumbled bacon $9.99
10 lb organic cane sugar $8.99
balsamic vinegar $10.99 (this was one of the main reasons for my trip, I love the Kirkland brand when I make my salad dressing)
Twin pack of Franks Hot Sauce $5.69
Twin pack of Worcestershire Sauce $6.99
Twin pack of grey poupon mustard $6.69
wedge of Locatelli cheese $10.15
wedge of Coastal Cheddar $6.99
8 pk of black beans and rice $8.99
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.99 x 2 *major increase
pkg of hard salami $5.80
pkg black forest ham $7.10
half and half $1.79
chicken thighs (bone in) $10.40 (99 cents/lb)
roasted turkey breast (lunchmeat) $9.89 x 2 *increase, I thought it was less money
cooked bacon $11.99 x 2 *increase
boneless spiral ham $24.39
5 lbs organic ground beef $16.99 x 2 ... this was $4.99 lb. I've been wanting to try it since ground beef is expensive anyways so why not spend an extra 50 cents per lb to try?

Grand total $427.58 with tax.

Yes, that was a LOT. AND I went to Publix on Sunday and spent another $122 ... BUT I'm set ... for a while anyways.

Stay tuned ... my bosses got me a  ... VITAMIX for Christmas ... um, not just ANY Vitamix either ... looks like I'm gonna have to stay with the job for another year  ;)


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