Sunday Catchup

It's Sunday ... I was a way for a few days, having a blast with Sonny Boy, his girlfriend and her mom ... and the college roomies ... oh...and Halloween Horror Nights!

We had so much fun and the HHN was really cool with scary stuff everywhere!

Then of course, we had to go Reflect a bit on campus at UCF ...

*There should be a picture of the reflecting pond/pool/behemoth thing here BUT for some reason,  I can't upload it. You can see it HERE at the campus website, how's that??

But now, it's time to get back to real life and man, my list is long for a Sunday ....

1.  Help Mr. Bill (neighbor) get checked in for flight
2.  Stop at store and pick up a few things for dad
3.  go see dad
4.  menu plan
5.  cook and post new recipe (Island Shrimp with Avocado)
6.  clean kitchen cabinets (outside, they are looking funky...I think I see remnants of Fresh Fruit Margaritas ... how is that possible??)
7.  clean and inventory main kitchen freezer
8.  laundry and ironing
9.  nails
10. budget and pay bills
11. clear garden (if time is available and rain is NOT...which is OUT OF THE QUESTION since the rain is coming down in sheets out of nowhere!)
12. vacuum bedroom and dust
13. boil eggs
14. make salad for week
15. look up boxing place on Oakland Park (that I pass by all the time)

Yeah, not so bad. It's 4pm and look ... I got 4 of the 15 things done. Ha. Great progress, don't you think!!??

Seriously, need to really tackle all 3 freezers. When I pulled the red shrimp out I saw a lot of other stuff I had sort of forgotten about. Need to stay on task here and use what we have ... which shouldn't be too difficult this week ... already did the produce run and bought ::gag:: iceburg lettuce instead of romaine because the romaine looked really pathetic but I knew I had to have salad stuff. Mr. Bill gave me a bag of salad stuff that he wasn't going to have a chance to eat before leaving, so produce is set for the week ... thankfully!

Ok, I'm off to try and knock off a few things .... laundry, vacuuming, dusting, inventory ... eggs ... so much to do!



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