Freezer Inventory

Finally, I got ONE freezer done ... geesh. It's only been on my to do list for oh, 3 months? Really. And I still have 2 others to hit on but at least I got 1/3 of the list done!

Curious about what I found? I was a little apprehensive ... and sort of hoped to find a secret stash of chicken ... but NOPE, not in this one!

Here's what I found ...

1 pkg turkey breakfast sausage (hubby eats this stuff)
1 pkg of turkey burgers
2 bags of precooked steak strips (Costco)
1 pkg of bacon
1 pkg of honey ham
1 pkg turkey sausage links
1 pkg of pork sausage patties (hubby ate both of these Sunday)
1 pkg Chicago style hot dogs
4 Bubba burgers
half package of Costco Dinner Franks
1/2 bag of honey BBQ Chicken strips
6 White Castle burgers
1/2 bag of raw chicken strips
1 1/2 lb raw shrimp
3 1/2 bags of cooked shrimp, 1 lb each
large bag of red shrimp, only a handful removed
2 chicken mango sausage links
6 pkgs of chicken breakfast sausage
1/2 bag flame roasted chicken
box of chicken and broccoli (2 in box)
cheddar cheese x 3
Parmesan Romano cheese
small bag of white rice
potato wedges (fries)
onion rings
box of vegetable pancakes (Princess)
bag of cheese sticks, open
box of chopped spinach (oh oh, I hope there is more in other freezer)
stuffed mushrooms
steam and mash bag of taters
hash brown patties
garlic cubes
pink lemonade
chocolate squares (MINE)
tons of frozen fruit, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, yogurt, you name it 

A lot of stuff, but not really ... so much more organized now at least!

I do have a lot of food, and I'm thankful for that, just wish there was some chicken in here! I'm sure there's some in the guest freezer (thighs, I know, a few tenderloins, I'm sure) ...


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