Menu Plan - Week 39

Fast approaching Week 40 ... whoa!

Hubby flies out Monday, returning Friday evening ... so really, I could just say forget about a menu plan but I won't ... I still like to think I have a plan, regardless of how real life sets in! Yes, the Princess is still in existence, but between her 2 jobs and classes, she's not home a whole lot.

Still trying to use what's on hand for the most part ... things are starting to get a little emptier in spots, and I'm glad that I've come across some deals on meat ... this new healthier eating stuff can take a toll on the budget if I'm not on top of my game!

I have 10 lbs of 90/10 ground beef in the freezer that I picked up last week for a decent price. It's all divided up into 1 lb and 1/2 lb packages and then I used the food saver on them ...

I also picked up some roast beef (lunchmeat) that was pretty darn cheap and have that frozen ... now I just need to get caught up on chicken situation ...

I've got a LOT of recipes that I want to give a whirl ... most are grainfree and I really should make them while Hubby is traveling to see if it's something I can pass off on him with acceptance :) Hard to make something totally out of the normal comfort zone and present it ... he still won't eat the biscuits as he thinks they are all 'doughy' ... geesh ... need to re-train his brain!

Sunday - leftovers before Hubby heads out. Normally I'd say lets cook something special, but we have chops, sausage, rice and taters that will be tossed if he doesn't eat. I may just freeze the rice for a quick side dish for him ...

Monday - home alone ... digging into the Practical Paleo cookbook and making the Pumpkin Pancakes since I have everything on hand. If all goes well, I will post the recipe.

Tuesday - chicken stirfry ... one of the few last packages of chicken and frozen veggies in freezer. May give the cauliflower rice another try ...

Wednesday - leftovers OR a simple salad.

Thursday - shrimp something or another ... may just make a simple shrimp scampi and serve with cauliflower rice.

Friday - Hubby home ... IF the weather is decent, will make something on the grill (burgers?) or maybe make a pizza (been a long time) ... traditional for him, and a grainfree one for me.

Saturday - Hubbys' call ... most likely, boating with friends so dinner would be a low key type thing.

What are you cooking up this week?

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