Costco Time!

There was a Costco trip this week, on Wednesday, no less!

It wasn’t really a ‘planned’ trip, so to speak. The hospital where my dad is about 2 miles away from the store I go to … so I figured, heck, let me drive by on my way home and get gas. Then I thought, SHOOT, I’ve got the list with me (I keep a running list in my notebook of Costco things to pickup) … might as well swing in and pick up a few things that are really needed (olive oil, eggs, half and half, lettuce, etc.).

I think that may become my designated day for Costco. Not many people there whatsoever.

OHHHH!!!!!! They had a Vitamix there!!!! Wheeeeeee I got so excited but I really want to make absolute certain I am buying the RIGHT one before I fork over that much dough ... $374.99 for the model VVM0103 ... wish I had taken better (more) pictures for reference!

It wasn’t cheap. $110 of it was my annual renewal fee. Drats.

And I still have half the list of stuff to pick up next time. But hoping the coupons come in first!

Here’s what I got (remember, everything is COSTCO SIZE)

6 pk romaine lettuce $4.29
*Cottage cheese $4.79
Olive Oil $9.99
Vinegar $3.29
Mini cukes $2.99
Tide Pods (my favorite thing in the WHOLE world) $20.99
Black forest ham $6.87
Black forest ham $6.90
Prosciutto $9.99 (these will be used to make a new recipe)
*Hard salami $5.65
Roast turkey $9.89
Precooked bacon $12.79
*Bacon bits $9.99
Macadamia nuts $15.79
Half and half $1.65
Butter (4 lbs) $8.59
*Protein bars Oh Yeah (these are good, but for Hubby) $17.99 x 2
*Coastal Cheddar $6.99
Mrs. Dash $4.49
Sea salt $2.69
Knife set (Komachi 2?) $29.99
3 dozen extra large eggs (I see some biscuits coming!) $4.39
80 pk coffee pods $24.99
Grand total? A lot $357.02.

I went a little heavy on the lunchmeat but only because dang, I HATE not having something quick to grab when I’m hungry, and that’s when I grab the chips or something. Lunchmeat is so much better.

I checked out the “organic ground beef” … nowhere does it say “grass fed” and it’s $4.99 a pound. I passed. Whole Foods just had the grass fed ground beef for $4.99 so I know it’s not unheard of  

The items with an * in front? That’s stuff for Hubby … he misses certain creature ‘comforts’ that he’s grown accustomed to having on hand and until I can convert him to eat a little more like me (brainwashing techniques, anyone??) I will have to appease him periodically ...
Oh yeah, the gas? $3.81 a gallon for ordinary grade ... $65 gave me 3/4 of a tank ... hoping enough to get me back and forth to work and to the hospital to see my dad AND hopefully get him back home again over the weekend ... they really need to be doing something about the price ...  
Anyone else make a Costco run lately??


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