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I've been trying so very hard to be more conscientious of what I'm putting in my mouth. Not necessarily for weight purposes (but I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds), but more for health reasons.

No. I do NOT have 'serious' health issues. But I DO have arthritis of the fingers, thumbs and wrist, and now, I believe, my knees.

I've also been diagnosed with a high ANA, with other signs pointing towards Lupus. Yeah, now that is some heavy stuff. At this time, we are NOT treating that and quite honestly, I've stopped taking the anti-inflammatory stuff for the arthritis, and blew off my rheumatologist appointment yesterday. I know, maybe NOT the best move, but still ...

So, a little research (and a LOT of reading) has led me to possibly consider a lifestyle/food/diet change to see if it helps.

And guess what? It appears to help. I can't say 100% because I've not had any serious flares in a while but even the everyday underlying pain/discomfort/pain in my hands has not been significant. I actually had a day where I was waving my hands around because there was not ONE SINGLE TINGLE to be felt. It was ODD. Very odd!

So ... even though I've sworn I've not gone all paleo/cavish/primative on you ... I have tried eliminating things, because really, what have I got to lose?

Grains. 90% out, but man, its hard. Really really hard. Them biscuits are probably my only saving grace.

Sugar ... um, not so much as I never really ate alot of sugar, knowingly. Of course, its everywhere so I am more aware now.

FAKE sugar, on the other hand, is O. U. T. Um, yes. I was a nutrisweet/equal kind of girl ... I've figured, if I must have sweetener in my coffee, may as well be the 100% real deal so I've switched to regular sugar. May try the coconut sugar again since I am getting used to the less sweet coffee.

Dairy. Giving cheese up has been hard. But I'm trying. I've reduced my consumption probably by 80%.  I still use half and half in the coffee. I'm not a huge milk person, and well, yogurt is hit and miss anyways, so not a whole lot of issues there.

I've not increased my veggie intake all that much. Still the same ole salads on a day to day basis.

I've made an effort to up my water consumption. I know that on most days, I do not drink the 'recommended' amount.

Overall junk ... it's hard. I have a sweet tooth. And it will rear it's ugly head. Not to mention, PMS is really a bad time to start focusing on something hardcore :) ... but I've really reduced my junk intake.

I'm trying new foods in new ways ... avocados, homemade mayo, them biscuits (which freeze great and defrost fairly quickly in the morning), and so on. I am more creative and am constantly thinking ahead now of what to eat.

I've also changed my fruit consumption. More berries and such, less apples and acidic things (oranges) ... even the bananas are a little off now (ME, who used to eat a banana every morning for a snack ...)

Another thing I've noticed? I don't have as much of that gurgling stomach anymore. I guess it's just the digestive noises, but sometimes, its LOUD and rather embarrassing. I'd pass it off as growling but that's not what it was.

Unfortunately, the rest of the household is NOT on board ... but it's ok. I feel better and I think that's enough to make me stick with what I'm doing for a little while longer, even solo.

Anyone else out there try eliminating things to improve health (not just weight issues)? Success or failure? I'm curious!


  1. After first being misdiagnosed with lupus a few years ago and having the same multiple issues of different spots of arthritis and tingling (my face - freaky - I thought I had MS) I have now been rediagnosed as having fibromialgia. Much better than Lupus or MS as it won't kill you, just makes you miserable occasionally. If you suffer from chronic fatigue too I would suggest you check it out. I tested positive for Lupus two times before we got it straight.

    1. I responded privately but did want to thank you for bringing that up! I do not follow and believe the lupus diagnosis at all. Which is why I blew off the Dr appointment the other day...keep us posted on how you are doing.


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