Menu Plan Monday - Week 24

Sonny Boy is STILL here ... so that sort of changes the menu a week bit.

We are still trying to use what we have on hand, but of course, there was a Costco trip this weekend, a quick stop at Aldi's for my Dad on Sunday and Friday had a stop at Publix. All in all? A LOT. The Costco trip had a lot of NON FOOD related items (hair/shaver thing for the Boy, griddle for Hubby, 2 stainless steel tiki lamps, and a few other things) ...

Hoping for a simple week, a better attitude, better choices AND cooler weather so I can exercise a bit more outside ...

Sunday - Chicken (thighs), peppers, onions, shrooms and cherry tomato kabobs (with teriyaki sauce)

Monday - Simple Wedge Salad (plan on making my dressing tonight!)

Tuesday - Taco Salad

Wednesday - burgers (griddle or grill?) (hope to finally post the almond flour biscuit recipe)

Thursday - Mac and Cheese with Smoked Sausage (ummm....IF I have any in the freezer!)

Friday - chicken on the grill with veggies

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... we FINALLY did the steaks this past weekend so we shall see

So what are YOU planning on making this week? 

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