Menu Plan Monday - Week 21

Heh....did you all notice that I totally blew off Menu Planning last week? Week 20 of 52 no less? Good grief.

It wasn't "so" very bad ... but yeah, there were times I was wondering what I was going to have.

Thankfully Hubby came to the rescue a few times during the week, making a chicken and egg noodle dish for next door and pulling a little aside for us, slapping a few burgers together and grilling them, whipping up some leftovers ... he really is a good guy, I suppose ;)

So this week, what with the holiday, funeral and just over all festivities, I'm late getting it posted but here it is:

Sunday - Dad was over for the day so Hubby made him BBQ Chicken (on the charcoal grill), corn on the cob and baked beans

Monday - pool day for me and girlfriend and leftovers all day long. We also experimented with these pina coladas in a bag finally ... yummm, but headache-y

Tuesday - Cobb Salad

Wednesday - balance of leftovers

Thursday - Taco Salad (I will need to get buttermilk plain yogurt though)

Friday - Baja Chicken Wraps

Saturday - Hoping to be making some steaks as I still have them in the freezer! I'm just gonna have to shove Hubby aside and make these MYSELF :)

As it's finally the end of May ... my grocery challenge wasn't so very bad ... but I do feel a need to get to Costco but then again, I shouldn't ... we still have so much stuff in the freezers ... I need to get a new inventory started (no, I do not check off when we use something) and rearrange ... maybe that can be the Sunday project this week?

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