Happy Hour Friday - Martinique

Hubby was in New York last week and got to stay at the Martinique on Broadway ... lucky guy ... he really enjoys that trip every year when he makes it for this annual meeting.

Anyways, he was sitting at the bar in the hotel with a few other guys, and somehow, he got the recipe and texted it to me. Nothing like texting your wife a drink recipe from 5 states away, huh? That's love....

It should be noted that I am NOT a rum drinker ... the only reason I have rum in the house is from my girlfriend, Chatty. She dropped some off for the air & sea show weekend to make Pina drinks (which we didn't because it rained the day we planned and the whole week was a washout) ... and then there is the Siesta Key stuff in the freezer that she dropped off a few months back


So, I'm not sure just what JAMAICAN rum is, or what the difference is ... but I can certainly recommend the Siesta Key stuff ...

And YES, I did use the text and made the drink ... first with plain ole rum, and then I added the Siesta Key ... definitely recommend a spice or dark rum, otherwise, too OJ'y for me ... here's how I made it in the end (tweaked, trust me!)

2 parts rum
1 splash grenadine
3 parts oj
squeeze of lemon wedge

That bottle of Grenadine has lasted a long time!


Mix all in shaker with ice, shake it up and strain into martini glass (which I HATE because I will spill it every time I walk with the glass ... uggg), garnish with an orange slice.

Yum Yum ...

First started off with 1 1/2 parts rum and 4 parts OJ. Ummm...nope. Too syrupy. Then 2 parts rum, 4 parts OJ. Nope, still too acidic. Batch NUMBER THREE was 2 parts rum and 3 parts OJ. By then it really should NOT have mattered, but it did. Lip smackin tasty stuff.

That rum has been kept in the freezer and I kept forgetting to put it back ... see how frosty it was?

I ended up carrying all the ingredients to the main kitchen where Hubby was cooking to make since I kept spilling the drink while walking down the hall from the bar ...

Enjoy. And as always, I do NOT endorse that you drink and drive. If you drink these away from home, take a cab, or get a ride from someone who does not drink (once the kids were old enough and got their licenses, this was PERFECT for them!)


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