Week 9 Grocery Roundup

This $20 a week thing isn't so very bad, YET. I'm sure if I was to continue for an extended period of time it would become troublesome, but for now, it's doable.

Hubby was pretty cool in that he cooked quite a bit while I was gone, using stuff from the freezers and such. Good Man that he is!

Here's what I got for the week (I go Sunday to Saturday on my weeks):

1 quart of half and half
2 containers digiornos shredded parm cheese (out and these were b1g1f, instead of Costco)
1 bag of steam veggies (for a soup)
1 large bag of sweet mini peppers (instead of  Costco, they cost $5.99 vs $4 something)
1 container of fresh salsa (instead of Costco, cost $2.99)
Total: $15.76 (used 2 $1 off coupons)

Left with $3.24 for the remainder of week. Wanted a lemon for these drinks to make Friday, but they were 3 for $1.99 ... yikes! So I decided to just try it with lemon juice (in fridge already) ... keep an eye out for the Rosemarie Gin Fizz (a word play on rosemary, the herb ... Hubby and I have too much fun with the word).

Of course, I had SECOND THOUGHTS about the lemon juice and ended up stopping at Whole Foods (!!) to get a single lonely lemon. And proceeded to buy:

1 lemon 69 cents
lb of organic strawberries $2
2 mineolas $2.47
2 lbs 90/10 ground beef $8.14 (it was $3.99/lb, great deal!)
rotisserie chicken $7.99 (extremely weak moment, using for dinner Friday but dang, it's petite)
baby romaine lettuce $3.99 less 55 cents
baby spinach $3.99 less 55 cents
32 oz yogurt $3.69 less 75 cents
Total? $31.59. Crumb.

Total for week is $47.35. Holey smokes. That's over 2 weeks worth of budget crunch. Uggg.

I need to go make the Rosemarie Fizz ...


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