Update on the Pineapple Upside Down Martini

Over here, I shared the recipe for this fun sounding martini but it didn't have the wow factor I was looking for ... so I wanted to retry it again this past Friday.

I did, and WOW!!

Vanilla vodka gives it the OOMPF that I was looking for. Wowee.  So very good that I just made a batch for tonight's dinner party with one cup of vanilla vodka and once cup of pineapple juice, tossed in my reusable water bottle, shaken and tossed in the freezer.

Ummm, after a 'few' of these on Friday, I just tossed the skewer and dropped 2 cherries and 2 pineapple chunks in the bottom of the glass...definitely made the red pop!

NOTE: I bought the Smirnoff brand of Vanilla Vodka, because there weren't very many options and I wanted the least expensive one since I'm not sure what else I'd use it for ... I believe it was $10.99 which is CHEAP in my opinion for Vodka (and just a side note, no hangover, unusual for cheap vodka for those of you who want to know!)

Uh, yeah, I'm hooked!


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