A Trip to Costco

Hubby and Sonny Boy went to Costco Friday, without ME. I gave them a specific list, my Costco card and a few coupons.

They spent FOUR hours there. O M G.

They did good in getting everything on my list, I THINK ... and a few other things were picked up (5 lb brisket which Hubby is making for Saturday night dinner) ...  EVERYTHING was put away by the time I got home, neatly and I really had to do a quick peek here and there to see what was picked up ... I appreciate that they did this and even though I LOVE COSTCO I'm sure it was good for them to do something like this together!

Sonny Boy scored a big container of protein whey, double pack of peanut butter and double pack of nutella. He's happy. I sort of laughed that everything was protein based. Oh well. He also said the Almond Milk he drinks is $7 for a 3 pack, whereas, it's normally about $5 for ONE at the store. So I need to see if I can't get him a membership to use at school.

So a few things I need to do:

Divide and freeze cheese (mozzarella and cheddar)
Prep lettuce and salad stuff (do a test on the Salad in a Jar)
Divide up and seal (food saver) lunch meat to freeze (another test)
Re-organize the refrigerators
Inventory and re-organize all 3 freezers. This is frightening in that I've been wanting to do that since the first of the year, and here it is, 2nd week in March now ...

I've no idea how much was spent on this trip as Hubby will not tell me. But I do know that I've spent more than my allocated $20 this past week since Sonny Boy was here, and well, I just felt that I needed to feed him well :-) Mother's guilt, you know??

So it's time to get back to tending the freezers, fridges and pantry and be clearing stuff out and using what I have ... not to mention, a few big projects are in the works for Hubby (pool resurfacing and such) which will take a bit of cash out of our reserve accounts ... so what the heck, lets get back to being FRUGAL!


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