Menu Plan Monday - Week 6

Still plugging away on the $20 a week grocery challenge. So far it hasn't been difficult, thanks to the last blow out at Costco ... will be hitting the store Monday or Tuesday for milk and spinach though.

I made THREE new recipes last week and all were hits. Thankfully. Even better that I had everything on hand to make (substitute half and half for cream in one) ...

So here we are ... another week and $27 (carrying over $7 from last week) to shop with as needed, first from the pantry, then the freezers and THEN the store ...

Sunday - Hubby is hosting Super Bowl for the two of us (long story but no party) so he is making stuffed shells and then pizzola meatballs

Monday - Spinach smoothie and gigantic salad with turkey and hard boiled eggs over the top (gym night)

Tuesday - taco salads (gym night for me)

Wednesday - should be date night but I'm going to push for staying in and having leftovers (probably shells and such)

Thursday - chili (freezer) (gym night)

Friday - Not a single piece of chicken has been served for the past week, so tonight will be b/s teriyaki chicken thighs with grilled peppers and onions

Saturday - Will let Hubby make some boneless chops on the grill IF the weather is holding out.

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