Getting Back in the Groove

I enjoyed my day off yesterday ... thanks to MLK Day.

I cooked. A new recipe. Two actually. Keep your eyes out this week :-)

I cleaned (laundry and such).

I went to the Casino with my neighbor (um, yeah, that sort of blew the budget).

I went to Kmart due to poor timing on MY part (yes, that did NOT help the budget out either).

I went to the gym. Damn near passed out and puked too. Something to do with shoulder exercises (buzzy feeling in the area and then just general foggyness sets in. Hmmm. Pinched nerve the doc mentioned?).

Made myself a Greenish Smoothie when I got home.

Made Hubby an awesome salad to go with the leftovers we ate for dinner.

Showered and went to bed. Completely drained the battery on the Kindle so that meant it had to charge overnight. Odd. I thought I turned it off.

It's back to work today. Which means all that stuff above? Well, it should be a part of my every day life for the most part (cooking, cleaning, gym, shower, eating healthy) but it's not always. So today, I'm getting back in the groove at work, and when I leave at 5pm to head to my 5:30 class, I will stay F. O. C. U. S. E. D.

Because we all know, losing focus is how it all goes downill.


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