A Boy and His Burger

This is just to show you how, if you leave a 19 year old boy alone, he gets creative with his food ... and declares that perhaps, he should become a chef (NO, DON'T DO IT!) ...

It all started with the Juicy Lucy failure (cheese explosions do not bode well on a gas grill, lets just leave it at that). So then I had to remake new burgers (pulling out the cheese on the remaining raw burgers and re-patting out).

The kids (mini adults?), well, they were just very unhappy about that. I promised Juicy Lucys and they were now going to get plain ole 80/20 burgers? There was quite a bit of grumbling going on, trust me.

Luckily, Hubby was also frying up some frys (frie frie, frie frie, I'm gonna get me some frie fries!) and onion rings ... and well, look what happens?

We all had a pretty big laugh and lasting joke about the disproportionate size of the bun to the burger (Where's The Beef??)

I don't suppose I need to worry too much about him making food to eat at college, huh? 


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