A Week Without

I'd like to make this a no grocery shopping week ... but don't know if I can.

How about if I give myself $20 only?

That's more doable.

I need:

bread (Sonny Boy is home)
hash browns (still on sale, can get 2 large bags for about $1.50 ... need for soup and Hubby cooked up 2 over the weekend)
salad stuff
cat food/litter while on sale.

Seriously, I don't need to buy anything but the first 2 items, and even that can wait. The rest of the stuff, well, hash browns are a 'stock up price' and the cat food is free when you buy the cat litter.

I do need to get the Christmas shopping out of the way. As I'm not all that festive, and pretty much financially tapped out at the moment, things will be simple, gift cards, lottery tickets, sparkling juice (yes, my kids are getting a bottle bag this year!), ear buds, candy, led flashlights, and if I can find them cheap enough, all in one tool set. I've got a pretty specific list of things to get and just need to go and do it. OH ... wrapping paper. What's up with that, I have NONE left from last year.

Hubby's gift arrived while we were out of town unexpectedly. I need to find something inexpensive related to Hello Kitty for the girlfriend. And that's it. I'm done!


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