Spicy Meatballs

Here's another guaranteed to be on list of appetizers for the boat parade.

Hubby has been making this for YEARS and we rarely have leftovers the next day, which is good as they get pretty spicy.

5 lb bag of frozen meatballs (we usually get the Kirkland italian ones from Costco but I think I have some Hormel ones in the freezer that I will use if so.)
3 to 4 cans of mexican style rotel tomatoes (lime juice and cilantro are added, plus I think it's milder)

Puree the tomatoes in blender/food processor to remove most of the chunky stuff. This is totally optional, BUT required in my house since Hubby hates cooked chunky tomatoes.

Dump meatballs in large crockpot and pour tomatoes over the top. Cover and heat on low 8 hours or so til warm through.

Serve and enjoy!

NOTE: I promise to try and make every effort to post a picture once I have these made!


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