2 Days Before Christmas

It's Friday.

I got to work a half day (yippee!) and spent the next 2 hours at the cooking school getting a gift for Hubby and then another hour at Target and the mall.

Sent Sonny Boy to the other end of mall on a mission while I finished up my shopping.

I'm D. O. N. E.

And I am perfectly comfortable with the amount of money I spent. And the gifts I bought.

Nothing elaborate but nothing too garbage-y either. Sorry kids, but you did NOT get the new Bass or the new MacBook. Just not in the budget this year.

But they will understand.

I had Sonny Boy wrap up Princess's gifts and she will wrap up his when she gets home from work. I need elves this year. Not to mention, its good for them to do these types of things. No, really, I'm not making excuses. It's not considered child labor when they are 19 and 21!

Hubby got a few higher end items that he wanted. I'm hoping he's pleased with the selection. I'm sure he will be ... but the one thing for the kitchen I was just not quite sure about. So I kept THAT receipt in my purse, just in case.

We do not exchange gifts with friends or neighbors, but I will be baking cookies this evening (need to get scootin on that!) and cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

Are all your gifts wrapped and completed? Are you happy with what you've bought?


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