Menu Plan Monday

After a rainy, flooding, dreary weekend (which really put a cramp on my Halloween Party plans Saturday evening) I am looking forward to Monday ... which of course, means Menu Plan Monday in this house!

I did the big shop on Wednesday last week and did another run to the store on Saturday morning ... spent a little bit too much money (saved a lot too) but at least now we are set for quite some time on food ...

Sonny Boy played at 5pm this evening and they all headed back to Orlando at about 8pm ... a little too late for my own comfort but they insist on doing it that way.

As I sit here (9pm Sunday), I'm totally drawing a blank as to what I should do for dinners this week. I've got SO many options to choose from yet nothing is grabbing my attention. I suppose I am just lazy at the moment and the brain is taking a break =D. So here's what I'm throwing out there and hope to stick with it.
Sunday - um, lack of motivation here. Grilled cheese sandwiches and Halloween candy. Just keeping it real ...

Monday - Tuna melts ... Hubby will complain as he does not like hot, canned tuna (tuna casserole? I thought he was going to divorce me after THAT meal). I will make his on toasted bread instead because that's the kind of gal I am.

Tuesday - leftover blackened chicken and broccoli. I am going to try and save the salad stuff for lunches only this week ... Hubby likes to eat a HUGE salad after the gym, so I'm going to pursued him to do the broccoli.

Wednesday - This our night out normally, but may convince Hubby to stay in and make Chinese as I've been craving that lately. Otherwise, do a take out of Chinese ... under $20? IF I do make it at home, I want to try this Sesame Ginger Chicken in the crockpot (I have everything but green onions and carrots, but will improvise with stirfry veggies and serve with the basmati rice).

Thursday - Pork chops and more stirfry veggies. Not sure what I want to do yet with the chops. Grill? Crockpot? Stirfry? Hmmm...need to decide soon.

Friday - Pizza and wings. From the pantry and freezer. The wings are precooked and seasoned, but frozen so they need to get toasted up in the oven. The pizza will be a simple garlic crust (which I need to find the recipe!) that is made in the bread maker. Will probably be a pepperoni based pizza...

Saturday - so hoping that the weather finally clears up by now ... chicken thighs and veggies on the grill with my favorite teriyaki sauce!

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