Menu Plan Monday

I've been in Orlando visiting Sonny Boy for the past 3 days, doing Halloween Horror Nights, taking the kids to Aldis (the one girl was like "Oh, is that where you get the really good chips??" Yes Bri, it is) ... we got everyone fairly stocked up on food for a few weeks I think.

Then I walked the whole campus of UCF several times over, walked the apartment complex and marveled at all the different types of students that are around.

Saw lots of wildlife, and no, not just college kids =D

Spent a lot of money, but glad I went. Had a blast at Universal, can't wait to do THAT again! But I'm back and ready to get back in the groove of things and prepare for my upcoming 2012 challenge ...

Sunday - breaded chicken tenders from the freezer. Made some homemade honey mustard dressing for dipping (as this is baking, Hubby is asking if I'm sure I don't want to just go out .... NO!)

Monday - Chef Salad

Tuesday - Starkist and rice ... I have 4 boxes of those Starkist Sensations and need to try them! Rice is bagged season yellow mix in the pantry

Wednesday - our 21st anniversary AND the night we normally go out ... so I'm letting Hubby choose, although I'd like to try a new Brazilian restaurant in town ...

Thursday - chicken with broccoli (both in freezer, maybe use some of the philly cooking creme I have) Sonny boy comes home this evening as they have 2 gigs over the weekend so I might also add in some pasta and rolls

Friday - Sonny Boy has gig this evening, leaning towards pork chops on the grill ... (chops are in freezer)

Saturday - slight dilemma. Halloween party down the street at Shooters. Lots of alcohol involved, although I am aiming not to overindulge. All the kids will go with us adults as it is really really cool. But not sure what I want to do about food yet. Pizzas? Which would mean ordering out ... don't really want to do that.

I would really prefer to stay out of the stores again, but need to get cheerios and milk for hubby, I think I just pulled the last pkg of lunchmeat from the freezer and the salad stuff is extremely low ... so I need to go to Publix ... but I'd like to do maybe $20 in and out!

Linking up with Organising Junkie and Menu Plan Monday ... hop over and check it all out!

Of course, a lot of things could change depending on the latest Tropical Depression soon to be Tropical Storm Rina


  1. Pork chops on the grill sounds great! I may have to change up my menu.


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