Menu Plan Monday

Ummm, Hi!

A few days late on the menu plan, huh.  Yeah, join the club!

It's been busy around here. Getting the garden ready (because we garden in the fall and winter!).

Getting a new blog set up for 2012 (The Year of Zero).

Balancing the checkbook and budgeting for the month of October.

Trying not to stress about the lack of REAL available cash (to think that this used to be NORMAL for me).

And well, trying to be creative in the kitchen too ... but I seem to have temporarily lost my mojo. Huh.

Sunday - chicken thighs (deal I picked up Friday, $4 for 5 lbs of thighs) and steamed broccoli (gag)

Monday - chef salad (6 heads of SMALL romaine for $6 at Whole Foods, good lord, this will feed us for maybe 5 meals?)

Tuesday - steak salad (using leftover steak from Saturday night) - steak from freezer)

Wednesday - OUT (Hubby and I've decided to make Wednesday night our local dining experience ... we try to keep it under $40 maximum)

Thursday - Cashew Chicken stirfry and garlic rice pilaf (recipe to post soon) (all in freezer and pantry, yes!)

Friday - Sausage and Peppers on the grill (bread or not?) (sausage from freezer, may have to buy peppers and onions by this time)

Saturday - Hubby's choice as I'm not sure if we are boating or not?  Could be sandwiches, pasta, something boring, possibly gourmet, depends on his mood!

The freezers are getting a little more emptier each week. I am at least able to comfortably put ice cream in there now (Eggnog is now available at Publix!). Hubby wants to get them E. M. P. T. Y. which causes me major anxiety in that "what if" mode!

Yeah, so it's a boring week. What can I say? I'm not motivated whatsoever!

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  1. Tell your hubby that empty freezers waste energy! The more food in there, the better it holds its temp. ;)


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