I love bread. Seriously. Whenever I would feel the need to punish myself to lose a few pounds, the thought of doing Atkins or low carb would make me start eating HEALTHIER just so I could still eat bread ... yummmm ...

But have you noticed how the price of a cheap grocery store bakery loaf has gone up? I believe we are currently at $2.49 to $2.99 for a white loaf. Ack! That's a lot of dough (pun intended!) to fork out for something that only has a few pantry ingredients, you know? All it really takes is just a little knowledge ... so read on.

I make this in my bread maker just because I like to be a little lazy at times in my life :) Of course, if you are up to it and all about being more tired than necessary, then, by all means, grab yourself a large bowl and mix it up by hand!

Here's what you need:

1 cup of warm water
3 cups of flour
1 tbs sugar
1 tsp salt
1 pkg of yeast

Turn on the dough setting, dump all ingredients in per your machine's instructions (mine is water, flour, salt - I mix my flour & salt before putting in - sugar, add yeast in a little well), turn on and walk away.

When done doing it's thing, take it out and roll it out on a lightly floured surface. NOTE: For years, I would use too much flour because my dough would stick which caused the dough to be dryer ... just sprinkle flour if it's sticking ...

Once it's rolled out, place on a well greased baking tray (I use butter, why not?) and cover with a damp towel (cloth napkin) til double in size.

Go back and take a peek at how mine is looking after about 40 minutes ...

Make your three slashes to release the steam from inside while baking. Make yourself a little egg wash (egg white a dash of water, whisk til foamy) and brush the loaf and you will have a beautiful shiny golden brown crust when baked. Bake in a preheated oven set to 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Allow to cool before slicing ... and can I recommend that you have some slices slathered with butter and GRILLED with your dinner tonight?

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Original recipe adapted from The Frugal Girl


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