The highlight of my weekend

Oddly enough, was the crockpot, Hubby, and chili.

We've had a rainy blustery weekend. As in, nothing is being done outside (til today, late Sunday, finally calming down!)

So after we did the new TV and digital cable box installations (um, nothing is easy in this house, ok?), Hubby went and dug out the BIG crockpot, 2 pkgs of ground beef from freezer, a bag of diced onions and a bag of green peppers (also from the freezer), chili beans from pantry, a few cans of tomato sauce from the pantry, a can of roasted tomatoes, and various spices and whipped up a chili in the crockpot. Sweet.

And then, texted Princess and told her to be sure to stop at the store and buy a gallon of 2% Publix milk and 2 bags of frito corn chips, ORIGINAL. See, with Princess, you have to be specific, as in 2% and ORIGINAL, otherwise you will get something totally different :)

Anyways. That's Sunday's meal. Woohoo. He did that Saturday and I'm set for Sunday.

Princess, overload on the fritos and below all the chili? Hash browns leftover from breakfast.
And the girl still weighs under 110 lbs.

Gotta love the guy which is why I said I do almost 21 years ago.


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