Another Whole Food Stop

It's not like I need food or anything .... I just bought another 10 lbs of chicken breast, 2 tbone steaks, 2 lbs of shrimp and alot of veggies the other day.

But I came across this recipe and dang it ... I have ONE lonely onion in the house (don't ask, onions have not been looking healthy in the store lately, plus they cost a lot more than they used to)... so anyways, you know I don't normally buy ingredients SPECIFICALLY for a recipe ...

BUT THIS one ...

It's for a crockpot.

It's Soup!

It's my all time favorite type of soup.

It's French Onion Soup. In a crockpot!

So, yeah, I needed sweet onions.

And some Gruyere cheese.

And some LOW sodium Beef Broth (never mind that it says "beef flavored", need to look at ingredients ... its only 140mg sodium)

So yeah. I stopped at Whole Foods.

And got some nice looking spinach, 2 lemons and 2 limes, and a big container of stonybrook yogurt. And 2 pizzas. For Princess.

I was under $30 until I spied the pizzas for $5.29 each. So I snagged 2 and that put me over $40. Drats.

Obviously NOT linking this up to Frugal Fridays but maybe NEXT week we will have a crockpot french onion soup recipe to share!


  1. I got those wonderful shrimps today too! They were delicious! Never noticed beef flavored broth...wth?


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