Some days

You just have nothing.

Nothing to offer up.

Not from the very bottom of your soul or being. Nothing whatsoever.

It's been one of those days for SEVERAL days.

No. I don't believe it's depression.

I think it's just because I've been sick. And then I gave 5 1/2 tubes of blood for the doctor.

And get a call on Saturday that she's calling in a script for some heavy duty antibiotics for a pretty serious infection.

No. Not the sinus or the cold. An infection that I have NO outwards symptoms of. You know, the UTI stuff.

She said that that is PROBABLY why I've been dragging the "cold" and such for so long. Huh.

What do you know.

So I got some REAL antibiotics going on and aiming for a little more excitement in my life.

I'll keep you posted. And certainly hope I can continue with my Move It In September plan!


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