The Sock Bun - Update

Well. I wouldn't say it was a FAIL ... but didn't quite work out the way I thought it would.

1. Hard to sleep with my hair up like that.

2. Woke up several times during the night to touchy feel the bun, wanting to make sure it was all intact.

3. 2am Nature was calling. The bun was also calling. NONE of the hair was wrapped around the "sock" any longer, just all up in that TIGHT pony tail.

Took the pony tail out ... OWWWW my scalp was bruised from being up so tight.

The hair was wavy. And full. I went back to bed after fluffing it up and had a hard time sleeping because of the bruising (raise your hand please if you know the feeling!)

In the moring, 4 hours later, it was still fluffy and a little wavy (but my hair is pretty fluffy anyways) ...

It's not a total fail. I will try it again. BUT this time, I may have to sacrafice a sock. And I won't put my hair up as TIGHT ... owww.


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