Potatoes and Onions

If you've got yourself a mandolin, this will be so much better, otherwise, slice them as thin as you can without taking off the top layer of fingers :) (original recipe comes from Tammy ...)

Excellent side dish to go with so many different types of meat, and can be done in the oven or on the grill ... just cook til they are tender and a little brown around the edges ...

3 cups of thin sliced potatoes (I used one Coscto size spud and used the mandolin to slice it thin)
1 cup of thin sliced onions (again, Costco sized sweet onion, sliced on the mandolin)
3/4 cup of mayo or sour cream (I used 1/4 mayo and 1/2 cup sour cream)
1/4 cup of Parmesan
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1 tsp parsley
salt and pepper
dash of Cayenne pepper flakes
clove of garlic, finely minced

Mix the mayo/sour cream, cheese and spices together in large bowl. Dump in the onions and taters, mix well till all coated.

Tear 2 sheets of foil to about 15-20 inches long. Spray with Pam (well) and divide taters between 2 sheets. Fold up and seal well (you know, fold over and over and repeat)

Grill on medium high heat, turning over half way through for about 20 minutes til taters are done. They smell awesome and you will hear them sizzling! (or bake in a shallow baking dish at 375 til tender and a little crusty brown around the edges of dish)

When done, allow to sit a few minutes and very carefully, open foil up and serve. Yummmmm

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  1. So glad you liked this recipe! Funny, I was just (~60 minutes ago) thinking about how I hadn't made this all summer and should really make it again soon! :D



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