A Moment of Truth

I seem to have hit a wall, or something like that.

The savings account has a grand total of $50 between the two (gasp). (NOTE: the Textbroker stuff is going to the no spend account).

The checking account has a total of ... um, I don't even want to say, but its substantially lower than what is acceptable to me (but not negative, thankfully). All bills are paid for the month (which only has 3 more days left) and I will be getting another 3 checks on Friday, so no need to panic.

I have a few credit cards with BALANCES on them. And I'm not talking $100, but rather, add another zero and change the first number (gasp).

Everything that I am against is happening.

Its not anyone else's fault, but mine. My inability to tell Sonny Boy NO, that he must buckle up and get ready for the bumpy ride, to GET A JOB, no matter if it's something that interest you or not.

Also, I need to stand up to Hubby and say NO, we don't need to do this or that, and buy new rugs (??!!) for the doors. Don't ask, we actually spent more than we WOULD have at any other time.

I just need to say enough is enough and NO. But then the real issue comes up ...

I'm Sad.  I'm Lonely (my baby boy is gone). My husband feels the same too. We talk about it. We joke around too. About our pathetic life. How quiet it is and so on. We try not to be too 'serious' about it because O M G we've waited so many years for this day!

But regardless, filling the void, no so much filling the coffers ... just not comfortable right now.

Also knowing that Hubby's company has something going on behind the scenes, but no one can confirm (or deny) ...

I know that my accounts will pick back up again and I'm not 'worried' per se. The fact that I have 4 credit card balances to pay off irks me more than anything. More for my lack of willpower of saying NO instead of saying "I'll pay it off next month" ... yes, I see you nodding your head, been there done that huh?

And more than anything, it's the obvious FACT that I do shop out of boredom. Sadness. Ick. Really? ME?? And I'm beating myself up over it.

So how about it, all of you 'empty nestors' ... how do you deal with the initial phase?


  1. I am in the middle of the teenage drama -- empty nest sounds NICE!

  2. giggle ... that was funny because I so know the feeling but then just like that...it's QUIET. And a little unsettling!


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