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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This household has got to be on the road to Good Health AND we better not have a sickly winter, as much as we've been through around here.

I found out that YES I am allergic to Amoxacillian ... my mother reminded me that I was 5 when I had a bad allergic reaction to penicillin, but that was YEARS ago...anyways, enough of that already...think HEALTHY thoughts because I refuse to believe in anything less.

So it's Sunday ... and I am so ready to start a new week, trust me! And yeah, there are a lot of repeats because dinner was not happening the way it was suppose to everyday last week!

Sunday - Blue cheese sliders on whole wheat slider buns with celery and carrots to snack on (the sliders came from Publix, they premake them to a tune of $4.99 a lb...not so bad considering it's quality beef)

Monday  - Chicken Cesar Salad

Tuesday - Bangin Shrimp (on shredded romaine)

Wednesday - take out - Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine (Hubby's new favorite place thats cheap with leftovers ... we may eat in but I'd rather take out)

Thursday - soup and sandwich (thinking along the lines of the Panera Bread Broccoli from Lynns Kitchen Adventures)

Friday - Ranch Marinated Steaks (found another stash of NY Strips and Sonny Boy will be home!)

Saturday - Chicken thighs with pasta salad (I'm guessing...we may have a small bbq for the kids if they want)

Linking up with Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday ... 100's of others are too ... go check it out!

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