Menu Plan Monday

It's Monday. Oddly enough, I seem to have a love hate relationship with the's a chance to start NEW yet it's also a chance to pickup the slack from the previous week.

I suppose it falls into the same grey area of is the glass half full or half empty? :)

Moving on ... dealing with migraine the past few days and thankful that Hubby picked up for me. Makes it easier being just the two of us ...

Sunday - Hubby made some pork chops with roasted taters and onions. Delicious, except I had no desire to eat.

Monday - Chicken Cesar salad (no pasta)

Tuesday - Bangin Shrimp (with romaine and shredded coleslaw mix instead of iceburg)

Wednesday - Starkist fishy stuff. I've yet to try it and NOW I have 4 boxes in the freezer. Rice and veggies along side ...

Thursday -  Hubby take me out to Las Vegas Cubano ? He wants to do it one night this week so I'm thinking this is the night (or just switch it out with another night)

Friday - Steak ... I've got some skirt steak in the freezer that I want to try another Publix apron recipe with ...

Saturday - most likely be on the boat as a friend of ours comes back in town so we will probably stop somewhere on the water ....

So what are  you planning to feed the crew this week? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday linkup!

PS ... for recipe links, check back this evening ... at the office and don't have all my favorites :)


  1. Hmm..delicious food for a week, yummy!

    Hi, I followed your blog. And I invite you to follow mine, thanks.



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