Menu Plan Monday - Holiday and catch up week's Labor Day.

The burgers have been grilled, baked beans cooked, pasta salad and potato salad tossed and macaroni and cheese dished.

Time to move forward and hope that we are finally on the road to recovery from our various illnesses ...

Monday - burgers, baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, mac and cheese
Tuesday - Black bean soup and quesidillas (which, in reality, is probably just going to be leftovers)
Wednesday - parmesan chicken
Thursday - sausage and peppers on flatouts (stop at produce store)
Friday - steak and taters.
Saturday - guessing Hubby is going to want to go boating so I'm thinking pork tenderloin and black beans and rice (easy meal to put together)
Sunday - Hungry Girl's chicken wings (2nd try at these) ...

I have MOST of the food in house already. Playing around with a little mini self imposed grocery challenge of $40 a week for the month of September. This would include paper products, cat stuff, etc. Don't know if its practical (so close behind the July pantry challenge) but I still have LOTS of stuff ...

Check back throughout the week for recipes and hopefully pictures!

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