Making An Effort

I've been doing something for the most part in September.

I'm Moving It In September.

Because I realize that IF I don't make a concentrated effort, I will never ever have time to work out.

So I've been posting over here a daily (sometimes every other day for the 2 days) update of what I've done to make an effort to MOVE IT.

Some is just ho-hum, such as 20 walking lunges. Others are more extreme, such as P90X Plyo (which I LOVE but man, it's hard), and the walk/jog/run/crawl  to A1A and Sunrise and back (3.4 miles). Just for the record, that youtube link? That's NOT my home, NOT my husband :)

My point being, IF we tell ourselves daily, from the moment we get up to the second we fall asleep, that we will make AN EFFORT to do some sort of exercise, we can fit it in to our busy lifestyle.

Even when we are sick. Tired. Just plain worn out. Make an Effort. Log it. And see results ...

Works for Me. Yeah, I'm linking up ... aren't you?


  1. You are so right! A while back, I started writing "stretch" on my to-do list every single day. I allow myself to check it off after just a couple minutes of stretching...but once I get started, I often want to do more.

    Keep up the effort!


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