Costco Trip

It's been a while since my last real trip to Costco. Yeah, we went in Orlando with Sonny Boy and his girlfriend, but the majority of stuff was for them to split between their apartments (perfect time for two Nutella bottles, you know?) ... they split eggs, bread, snack packs, nutella, paper towel, tp, etc. It's really the only way Costco would work for a college kid I think. Although, I'm sure the roomies would love in on the action :)

So anyways ... I went this morning.

I am out of lunchmeat and Hubby paid $6.99 for a lb of CRAPPY turkey ... ick. So I said THAT'S IT ... not to mention, I had to 'steal' a roll of tp from the guest bathroom stand ... I was horrified to find I had NO TP! Horrors!

So, I knew that my membership was up for renewal, and since I'm an Executive Member (oo la la, not all that folks, just get a rebate which pays for the membership every 12 months) I figured $300. I was close.

Membership fee $100
TP $18.79 less $3
2 Starbucks Frapp (12pks) $13.99 less $3.50 each ... surprise for Hubby and Princess although really should NOT have bought them.
Dishsoap pacs $19.39 less $3.50
Paper plates $14.99 less $275
2 pkgs napkins $8.59 less $1.50 each (1200 napkins total, I'm set)
Running shoes (FILA) $19.99
organic spinach $4.29
mini peppers $4.29
romaine lettuce $4.49
cottage cheese $4.99
honey roasted turkey $7.62 and $7.90
black forest ham $6.90 and $6.94
Olive oil $9.99
2 half & halfs $1.79 each
cheese sticks $9.89
5 lbs shredded cheddar cheese $13.89
2 lbs key west shrimp (large boys) $14.89
3 dz xlarge eggs $3.89 (this, after spending $1.99 for 1 dozen large eggs...uggg)

Total was $302.62 but I had a cash card (return) of $19.79 so total out of pocket $288.26.

So not a whole lot of junk stuff, stayed with my list except for the shoes, which is ok because my shoes that I got from Amazon are TOO SMALL and 3 times as much, so I'm ok in that I'm returning the NB's tomorrow. There were things on the list I didn't buy ... the prices seemed to have increased yet again. Didn't even look at the price of milk ... we aren't going through it like we used to.


  1. I believe that Costco is a beautiful place. I'm waiting for the photos on your trip.


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