Steals and Deals - Penn Dutch

There's a small grocery store chain here in South Florida called Penn Dutch.

It's small and they have an OLD (aka - grungy) store in Hollywood and a newer store in Margate.

Unfortunately, the one in Hollywood is easiest for me to get to from the office since the office is half way between home and the store. The one in Margate is great IF I'm going to Costco but still further west. As much as I'd prefer the Margate store, it's just not savvy for me to drive all that way just to pick up a few steals and deals.

Steals and deals? Yes, I did say that! (and sorry, only good to tomorrow, Wednesday)

Fresh French Bead 79 cents
18 pk Budweiser $10.99 (unfortunately, all their beer is COLD so you can't really stock up unless you have the room in fridge)
B/S Chicken Breast $1.29 lb
Italian sausage, hot or mild $1.79/lb
Medium white shrimp $4.99/lb
Sweet baby carrots 99 cents per bag. Not normally something I buy but it's a decent price

Definitely buying the bread, beer, chicken and sausage but not so sure about the shrimp. I'm a little picky on shrimp and the last time I bought some I was not at all impressed with it. BUT I will look quickly in the freezers to see what my supply looks like.

The freezers are getting more user friendly in that things don't fall out at you when you open the door and move stuff around.

The fridges are getting very empty. Almost alarmingly so (not really) which means I may clean them this weekend (best time to do it!) ... probably do a shop on Sunday so will have to be on Saturday (or Friday if I don't go out)

The pantry and other storage areas are looking better. I came home last night to Sonny Boy and g/f making pasta, using all pantry stuff (they found a small jar of pesto in pantry) ... I was rather pleased to see them cooking since they both ship out in a few weeks ... I have better feelings now that they can pull this off (FYI - NO they are not living together, matter of fact, 3 miles away from each other without a car between the two!)


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