A Recipe to Share - Cobb Salad

Seriously? I've not cooked anything really worthwhile in like, weeks :) So I'm going to pull something out of the hat that was previously posted ...

Just a side note: I really really need to start getting more food pictures taken ...

So today I bring you .... Cobb Salad ... sharing with the Ultimate Recipe Swap!

A Cobb Salad

Pretty easy to do, chop some lettuce (romaine), chop 2 eggs, chop some turkey lunchmeat, grab a handful of bacon bits (the real deal) or cook up a couple slices and chop, and then just put in neat rows on top of lettuce. I used olives (since hubby loves olives) and a little cheddar cheese since I don't have any blue cheese when I made this (now I have a Costco size container in the fridge). NO AVOCADO either because I didn't have that AND Hubby is not a fan of (I'm working on it)

Normally I would offer up the Honey Mustard Dressing but since I haven't made any yet this week, I have this on standby ... thankfully!

You should head on over to Life As Mom's Ultimate Recipe Swap .... lots of good bloggers are sharing!


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