Menu Plan Monday

It's Monday, yet again.

At least THIS week I'm feeling so much better, have a little spring in my step AND Sonny Boy will ride the bus home Friday afternoon to spend the long weekend with us ... woohoo!!

Oddly enough, it feels like the weight of the world has temporarily fallen off my shoulders, thankfully. Which allowed me to sit yesterday, in the FRESH, CLEAN Florida Room and make out a menu for the WHOLE month of September (and these last 3 days of August). Of course, if I stick with the whole month, it would be nice, but we all know the reality of that!

So here's what I have for the upcoming week:

Sunday - leftover chicken breast (from Hubbys Saturday night experiment, brining) with salad and fresh grated parmesan cheese

Monday - Steak with onions and shrooms

Tuesday - Asian Chicken Soup

Wednesday - Bangin Shrimp

Thursday - Chicken with philly cream and pasta

Friday - Sonny Boy home! Pizza? With the garlicky crust?

Saturday - Sonny Boy home! I'm sure he's going to want to hang with his friends, and I know the diva will be with him so I'm thinking steaks either way. Have a couple of New York Strips that need to be eaten (Costco size) with double baked taters

So what are you planning on cooking this week? Head over to Menu Plan Monday and link up with 100's of other bloggers who get it!


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