Menu Plan Monday (Tuesday?)

Yeah, I know. It's Tuesday. NOT Monday.

I'm well aware of that.

I've been sick. Since last week. A WEEK ago, matter of fact.

Started as a scratchy throat. Then a painful throat. As in, wake up in the middle of the night mewling because it hurt so bad. Not a good thing.

Of course, we were in Orlando, at a hotel, that had magnificent sheets, pillows and a large TV (for Hubby). Me, I just wanted to stay there forever.

But alas, life calls. So we finished getting Sonny Boy settled in. Said our goodbyes. Shed some tears. And drove back home.

Saturday night, dinner was simple: Smashed taters (freezer) and chicken cordon blue (freezer).

Sunday night, Hubby fended for himself as I was sprawled on the coach, a weeping mess. Not sure if it was from the fact that my baby boy was 300 miles away (and what is he eating??) or if it was because I was running a fever and still mewling with the very sore throat. Hubby rustled up some cheese sticks, breaded mushrooms, pigs in a blanket and my turkey meatballs (to go with sauce and noodles, I scolded him the next day for eating them). All from the freezer. Good boy.

Monday night was dinner out. Probably NOT the best thing to do, but Hubby wanted to cut me and Princess some slack since SHE went to the doctor and they put her on antibiotics. It was just a soup and salad place, and I ate more than my fair share of soup, trust me.

Tuesday - fend for yourself, probably sandwiches

Wednesday - (please let me feel better by now!!) Chicken and that philly cooking stuff with noodles and broccoli.

Thursday - Suppose to be a windy-rainy day thanks to Irene passing to the East of us, maybe I'll make some soup ... Princess was wanting some onion soup but I don't think she'll be home.

Friday - I better be feeling better by now! Hubby has a cooking class, so I will probably just have a salad or leftovers ... or a plate of nachos.

Saturday - Hubbys call ...

Yeah, pretty lame week, wouldn't you say? I probably NEED to go to the doctor but I'm holding out. Had to stop taking the anti-inflammatory meds that Rheumatologist gave me so I could take some cold medicine. Definitely noticed when I stopped taking them. Wow. Not so sure if that's good or bad.

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