Menu Plan Monday - August 7th to August 14th

What a week that just ended ... and boy am I thankful it's MONDAY!

Hubby is traveling all week, returning next week.

Princess is traveling to the West Coast Thursday and returning on Sunday.

Sonny Boy and I will be getting his stuff together for his next big adventure .... college. We got the housing and classes all squared away. Need to pay now (yikes!) and his move in date is the 13th BUT he's not going up til the following weekend.

Girls night out possibly on Friday ... but now I don't know ...

Not so sure if I'm going to the gym this week. My hands have been bothering me pretty badly over the weekend and I really don't want to aggravate them much more. If not, I'll just do some heavy duty walking/jogging.

AND ... I've not done a grocery shop yet in almost 2 weeks ... getting low on a few things but it's ok since we've still got plenty of stuff here to eat!

AND, last, but not least, I could almost just send the Boy out to dinner every stinkin night and give myself a break BUT then remember the cost of the classes, books, bus passes, food, apartment and so on and it makes me squeeze the penny all the more!

Sunday - Brats and Sauerkraut cooked in the oven. Hubby used my new cast iron pot and well, cooked a little warmer than he anticipated.

Monday - me and Sonny Boy ... going to be pasta. I may just dig out what I have in the freezer already cooked (meatballs, sauce and pasta in 3 different ziplocs ... Mom on a Mission gave me the idea to do that)

Tuesday - Going to show Sonny Boy yet again how to make pizza bread.

Wednesday - tacos or something along those lines. Could end up just being quesidillas.

Thursday -

Friday - girls night out. Was thinking of making chicken enchiladas for the return since we will be margarita themed but not so sure now.

Saturday - I may take Sonny Boy and g/f out for dinner ... or it's just a snacky, fend for yourself type of evening!

So, what are YOU planning? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie for 100's of other ideas!


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