Menu Plan Monday - August 14 to August 20

This is the last week that Sonny Boy will be home, and man, it's really starting to hit me. ever will he survive??

Hubby has been gone the past week and finally comes home on Wednesday. A lot of stuff has happened, both HERE at home and THERE where he's at. It will all be sorted out eventually but in the meantime, I'm wishing I hadn't spent so much money and planned a little better.

Going to try and keep the plan simple ... and cost effective.  We will head back to Orlando on Friday afternoon and head back either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon (depends on how things go). 

Need to get a new battery for my truck as I think that's what we will have to drive to transport all this stuff ...

Sunday - leftovers from Friday night out (Il Mulino's, excellent Fusille Naturale)

Monday - Pizza (freezer) and salad

Tuesday - Ravioli and salad

Wednesday - chicken and pasta stirfry (freezer, prepackaged stuff)

Thursday - Tacos (taco salad for ME)

Friday - Orlando - out

Saturday - Orlando (?) - out (IF we are home probably sliders)

Not a whole lot of exciting stuff menu wise, but man the rest of my life is interesting!

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