It Happens

You know what I mean.




It happens. And seems to never be an opportune time, you know?

1. Truck battery crapped out. We just had it in the shop for a week and over $1000 in repairs (with a good friend working on it). Guess it's because it sat for almost 3 weeks.

2. Hubby ran into a bit of an issue on his trip. Nothing to blog about and everything will be fine in the end, just going to cost a little more cash than I'd like AND a little time. Hopefully this can be turned around to his favor and be a learning experience.

3. Sonny Boy leaves in 4 days. It's been a LONG time since I've shop shopped for household stuff. Dang, stuff is expensive. I've resorted to parting out my own personal kitchen belongings for his new digs.

4. Fortunately there have been some decent sales on laptops and printers for Sonny Boy.  Of course, all sold out on the cheaper ones and the one that I really liked, only have them "geeked" out for another $100. Ended up buying TWO as MINE is at a snails pace. Most likely will take the new one for me back as ....

5. I'm broke. Flat out, no available cash. Holy Crap. Between girls night out, shopping for the next big adventure, fedexes, rents, bills, and just general overall generosity, I've depleted my cash.

6. AND to make matters worse, I've used a credit card (gasp) to pay the $2000 class tuition and still waiting on the book order AND the bus pass. Uh yeah, Sonny Boy, YOU NEED TO GET A JOB.

As to 5 and 6, it's not the END of the world as Hubby has money ... but I'd rather not go to him and say hey, help out with this. We have certain things that we each take responsibility for and somehow I totally underestimated what I needed to budget for AND totally and completely OVERSPENT.



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