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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grocery Budget

WHAT Grocery Budget??

Since Sonny Boy has been gone (wow, a whopping 10 days!) and probably even BEFORE that since I was doing the pantry challenge in July, I've not made a long grocery list, carried an envelope stuffed with coupons or had to make more than 2 trips to the car to unload.

Yeah, we've been to the store.

A gallon of milk, 3pk of lettuce, half and half was the list on the receipt last week.

This past weekend consisted of a trip to Publix ($30 as Hubby HAD to have his olive bar selection) and the produce store.

But last night. Ahhh. Last night, I told Hubby I'd stop and get him something to sleep...he's fighting the battle of sickness now and is just about down for the count. So I had a few things I wanted, carrots, celery, lettuce, and NyQuil.

And silly me, I swung in to the parking lot of .... Whole Foods.

What was I thinking?

$73 later, I walk out with a few carrots, a package of celery, some grapes ($6?? They better be good), some apples, a small container of baby lettuce, 3 small bananas, ginger root, yummy smoked touville cheese, wedge of parmesan to give Sonny Boy and then....because I had a moment of WEAKNESS and it was 7pm already, and I'm still fighting my cold ...

2 veggie egg rolls ($3.99)
medium split pea soup $4.99
medium chix soup $4.99

orange chicken (5 pieces) $2.70
veg lo mein $3.60

potted parsley $4.99
potted cilantro $4.99

and Nighttime cough medicine $13.99 (all natural).

Wow. I love to go in to Whole Foods to BROWSE but certainly NOT to shop. I mean seriously. The prepared foods section is awesome BUT it's $8.99 a lb for the Asian selection, no matter WHAT you buy ... I'm looking forward to the Fresh Market opening soon ... in about another year??

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