Cleaning the Shower Doors (soap buildup)

We've got a LARGE custom built shower in the master bath. I sooooo loved it when we first remodeled. The doors were the CLEAR sparkling glass with the gold trim. Shiny and pretty.

Of course, that was 1998-1999. A 'few' years ago.

The gold trim is not quite as shiny.

And try as we may, the clear sparkling glass doors are no longer clear, nor sparkly.

Hubby is the one in charge of shower detail. And he uses some pretty harsh chemicals to do so ... living in South Florida with a humidity level of 100% and then me with the hot showers, well, you get a few issues.

BUT the one thing that is super hard to clean, caustic chemicals or not, are the dang glass doors. That soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream stuff really sticks over time :) And then you get the funky cloudy look which is NOT what we were aiming for.

So when I saw this tip, I was pretty skeptical. Yeah, right. How could something so easy really work that well and not be advertised across the sky?  Guess what? It works!

Used Dryer Sheets (which, in my opinion, have NO other use but this)

Add a few drops of water to a used dryer sheet, and gently rub the layer of buildup off. The sheet will get gummy, so keep finding spots on the sheet that are clean. When done, rinse well with water, dry off with a towel (go ahead, give it a shine), stand back and admire.

Oh yeah. That's more like it! This is definitely working for ME!

NOTE: I tried this FIRST on the standard privacy sliding shower doors, you know, "just in case". Not to mention, this was the NASTIEST shower door to try it on ... Sonny Boy's.  So now that I know it works, I will be cleaning the shower thoroughly once he is relocated to Orlando!


  1. Never heard this tip before, and I've heard a lot! I wonder what it is in the dryer sheets that makes this work? I featured your tip on my weekly link round up. You can see my Cleaning, Laundry & Stain Removal Links for the week here. Thanks again!

  2. I'm going to try this out - I'm desperate to get our shower doors cleaner! Thank you1


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