Cleaning the Iron

I notice I go in cycles on cleaning tips.

This week, yet again, has a tip utilizing those dryer sheets.

Now I've found 2 useful things to do with them ...

This time around, we will clean the plate of the iron. Have you ever ironed something that wasn't MEANT to have heat applied? You know, an applique. Or a stray piece of leather (why did they do that!) .. and then it just burns right on the iron plate. Uggg.

Well, never fear, here's a tip that will clean that right up ... and it will also polish up the plate so it won't catch the fabric and crease it.

Take a dryer sheet, and 2 pieces of paper towel.

Turn iron on high (but don't turn on the steam option)

Lay one piece of paper towel down on the board, and place dryer sheet on top.

Lay other paper towel sheet down next to them.

Iron the dryer sheet for oh, 30 seconds. Smells good, doesn't it?

Then iron the paper towel for oh, 30 seconds. The point is to remove the fabric softener from the iron.

Do this as many times as needed.

Hmm....look at that paper towel. It definitely took off some grime!

Works for Me!

*I've got pictures to upload but having difficulty today ... so check back later!


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