Being a Star in My Teen's Eye

I am Queen for a few days. As much as I'd like to enjoy it, the thought that my baby is leaving still puts a shadow over the Queen status.

See, I don't talk much about the extra things you can do on the web to earn cash, gift cards, points, etc. And of course, you ALL know about Swagbucks by now, right? Of course you do!

So yeah, Swagbucks is great. I've gotten quite a few paypal bucks but more importantly, I've gotten A LOT of Amazon $5 gift cards. Sweet momma.

But back in June, June 6th to be exact, Sonny Boy and G/F were looking over my shoulder as I searched for something online. And I hear "Oh HEY, MAYHEM FEST!" Ummm, yeah, whatever.

Well, it was a swagstakes and we bet 99 swag bucks. Guess what? We won!

So yeah, that was exciting in that hey, we got TWO TICKETS TO MAYHEM FEST! Ummm....they started at $25 each so that was cool in itself.

BUT. We couldn't figure out what kind of tickets they were. 3rd row from the front of main stage. Back stage passes. RockStar Lounge entrance (or something like that).

But to make things the BEST for him and his buddy (lead guitarist and singer for the band they play in, it's his 18th birthday Tuesday) was the fact that TRIVIUM was playing and they invited the boys on the tour bus to have a drink (water and soda folks, they are underage) and invited back stage after their set.

TRIVIUM is Ant's favorite band. The boys have played distant venues with these guys and that pretty much just capped their whole day and night to be remembered.

I'm not sure what I'm more thankful? Swagucks? Or the fact that an upcoming band can remember the little guys that stood in awe the first time they had to play before them! :)

Sonny Boy also stood in the pouring rain to get his poster audographed by another big band that HE likes. He got the fist bump and chest pat hug ... both. Oh my!

So. Do you Swag? Perhaps you should! Only 450 swagbucks gets you a $5 Amazon gift card. Lots of other things out there to redeem for but that's pretty much what I've stuck to....

*full disclosure because I didn't know: if you click on any of these links and sign up under my name as a referral, you WILL also be enabling me to receive bonus points when you use the program*


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