Menu Plan Monday

Well, getting close to the final week of the pantry challenge and oddly enough, I've not made THAT much headway. Hmmm. Maybe we should just extend it ...

This week should be a fairly easy week in that I'm only going to the gym 2 times instead of the proposed usual 3. I've got to take the Tahoe to the shop as the coolant leak is bad and rather than chance something drastic happening, we will just give in and let someone take care of it. Back in the old days, Hubby would have fixed it himself but key words were "old days", before he had the accident, we got old, etc. :)

And then Tuesday through Thursday is a pressure test on the a/c for the west side of the house. It's HOT. No cooling anymore so we've been babying it along this weekend. But it's HOT.

On with the plan ...

Sunday - ziti with jarred sauce, grilled texas toast and chicken breast (odd combination but the Animals wanted pasta)

Monday - Bangin Shrimp. Will link up for now and post MY version when it's all said and done.

Tuesday - Gym. Cesar Pasta Salad (using leftover ziti and chicken from Sunday)

Wednesday - Mac and cheese with smoked sausage. I need to try this for Sonny Boy before he heads off to college!

Thursday - Gym. Hopefully. Chef Salad (since it will be easy to toss in chopped up lunchmeat and cheeses to a bunch of lettuce!)

Friday - Portabella shroom sandwiches. Will try to remember to post some pics over here.

Saturday - Steaks yet again are on the menu. We've not done it YET! Although I bet Hubby wants philly cheesesteaks!

So what are YOU making this week?? Linking up with Menu Plan Monday ... 100's of others are too ... go check it out!


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