Menu Plan Monday

Hubby is out Monday and gets back late Thursday, so the majority of the week will be just me and the Animal. Notice, I made it singular? Because Princess is working some pretty long hours lately ... sooo. Here we are, just 2 peas in a pod. NOT.

Pantry Challenge is still underway and even though I've made THREE trips to the store, nothing is added to the pantry so that's a good thing!

Sunday - Homemade pizza (pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, cheese all in stock). Made one Margherita and one pepperoni. This was the WORSE pizza dough I've ever made. Uggg. I think the 1/4 cup oil was TOO much. Also cooked up about 6 lbs of chicken wings from the freezer. Used the grill. A little smoky. Some things are great smoked, others, not so much. The wings fell into the latter in my opinion.

Monday - Tacos. Last bag of taco meat from freezer. Probably going to split cheddar and pepper jack cheese as I'm just about out of cheddar. No sour cream ... how am I going to do this! :) Lettuce, tomatoes, some onion, taco shells are all in stock thankfully.

Tuesday - Baked tater bar. If it's just me and Sonny Boy, then it won't be a potato bar so to speak :) All the fixing are in fridge and pantry. Oh. Wait. I don't have sour cream. And I'm going to have to dig for MORE cheddar cheese, surely there is some in the freezer somewhere?? This whole idea could just be tossed out the windows and I could just opt for something simple, like .... ?

Wednesday - Grilled cheese and tomato soup with chips. The boys have a gig this evening which I'd like to go watch. I'm hoping to pick up a kickbutt camcorder too so I can record it. I'm excited for them as it's close to home AND it's a big deal. IF I can get home early enough that day, I'd like to make them all something, burgers, whatnot just to feed them :) Everything is in pantry, fridge and freezer. I do NOT have buns if I opt for burgers, would just stop at the bread store.

Thursday - Chicken Cesar Pasta Salad ... will be able to keep for Hubby too. Chicken in freezer, pasta from pantry, salad fixins would be ... Costco of course!

Friday - Looking at brats and kraut. I've got that Kirkland Ale and NO ONE will touch the Indian Pale stuff (it's H. E. A. V. Y.) so I think that would be a good beer to cook the brats in. Brats are in freezer, canned kraut (may have to hide that from Hubby) :)

Saturday - Steaks and taters. Steaks are in freezer, taters in pantry. Unless of course we go boating. Then it would be take out pizza. Just because we'd be exhausted from both the heat, sun and activities. Plus it runs late most of the time. AND let's see if I break down and buy a Costco size sour cream??

So how is YOUR Pantry Challenge going?

Linking up with Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday ... keeping me accountable!


  1. Your menu sounds great! I love your blog by the way! :) Been a lurker lol!

    This pizza crust is awesome. It's no knead and it's pretty light if you roll it out thin. I use storebought crust for most but this reheats really well and I always use it.

    I always end up missing something for my cookaheads, it always goes like that lol. I do a big restock in the beginning of the month and add to what we lack as the month goes on.

    Not that I'm a picky eater...nooo lol. :)

  2. hehe...thanks for coming out of lurkdom for a few minutes! :) I've got some excellent pizza crust recipes but for some reason I used this particular one ... told Hubby I should have known something was up since I had no comments written on the paper!

  3. I'm doing a pantry/freezer clean out as well, and so far I can't tell a difference. Which I think has to do with the fact I'm cooking for one instead of a family. But I'm making progress, I guess. Hopefully, this week I'll make a real dent.

    I use KAF pizza dough recipe. Perfect every time!

    Visiting from Menu Plan Monday,

  4. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, I know what you mean ... IF I was feeding the family and all the heathens that are usually around, the pantry and freezer would be a lot more empty. The only complaints I've heard so far are "regular chips?", "sour cream?" and "cheese?" ... just like that as a question. Like, are you kidding us?

  5. Woohoo good for you- I am thinking about doing a pantry challenge, too. We have way too much stuff accumulated- thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy Monday! Ally @ Tiny Wallet Style

  6. Hey Ally, thanks for stopping in ... I try to do it a few times a year but usually bail within the end of the 2nd week ... more than anything it's the bad habit of MUST GO TO THE STORE because I'm out of something. :) Go for it!

  7. Sorry to hear about the pizza crust -- I see a few folks have left their favorites for you, and I'll mention that we have a whole wheat, no-rise crust that we love on my blog.

    Hope you have a good week, even if it is a little quite.

  8. I found your blog through Menu Plan Monday. I always check out other posts on Saturday when I do my menu planning for the next week. I am curious what the Pantry challenge is that you referred to.
    We just moved to South Alabama, Fort Rucker, and noticed you are in South Florida. Any suggestions on fun things to do in this part of the world?


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