The To Do List

Hubby is gone all week again. And you know what that means? The BIG To Do List reappears!

1. Closet floor. OMG. Yet again.
2. Closet rack. Ummm, somehow I've acquired a lot of clothes that do not quite fit. I appreciate the gifts from friends but need to make an effort to try on before hanging up. Way too cluttered and tight right now!
3. Garage freezer
4. Guest kitchen freezer
5. Main kitchen freezer
6. Grind coffee (breaking things up here)
7. Garage fridge
8. Guest fridge
9. Main fridge
10. Top pantry, bottom shelf
11. Baking shelf of pantry
12. Canned good corner
(these last 3 are needed for inventory purposes, as are the next 4)
13. Top shelf (pasta/rice)
14. 2nd top shelf
15. 2nd bottom shelf
16. bottom shelf (bottom part)
And then we move on the rest of the funnnnnnn stuff!
17. Laundry room, dust and mop.
18. Guest kitchen, dust and mop.
19. Guest bedroom: change sheets, dust and vacuum
20. Space bag extra pillows in guest room
21. Organizing goodwill pile. TAKE to goodwill?
22. My dresser top, PURGE junk, file papers and dust
23. Kitchen floor rugs, wash
24. Patio, clean table and hose out corners (we've finally had some rain!)
25. Clean master bath ....

And that's it ... trying to keep it simple.  I am hoping when I purge my closet rack, I'll have a nice pile to take to goodwill (I have a smallish pile going right now so...)

Any specific chores for the week on your end??


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