Pantry Challenge - July 1st and getting prepared, sort of

So I plan on going home from work on Thursday night, determined that I will eat a real meal for dinner and THEN attack the pantry. The whole thing. Darn it, it needs to be done and I just need to do it.

Of course, it's been raining all day. Wind. Lightning. Special Flood Notices. The works.

It's the last day of the month. A BUSY month I might add.

I leave my office at 6pm. An hour later than normal, 2 hours later than I wanted. Ok, who am I kidding, I would have loved to have left at noon but there was no way that was going to happen. Granted, the last 30 minutes was spent reading a funny, and I mean, funny, as in laugh til your mascara is running down your cheeks funny, email. OMG. It was a goody. Nothing like reading an email at your respective desk and shouting back and forth through the walls (Joseph Mother Ducker) ... but anyhoo....

I get home. I'm hungry. Sonny Boy looks depressed. Princess is heading out to work. Hubby is STILL gone. My truck was giving me a red light on the dash and it read "check gauges" .... HUH?

So shoot, tell Sonny Boy, "sorry kid, need to drive Brutis tomorrow, can't drive Tahoe, overheating gauge is all funky on it" ... he says "oh, that's not good. whats for dinner?"

Boys. Princess gives me kiss, says bye momma, see you at midnight (uh, no Princess, I will be sleeping by then!).

Me and Sonny Boy hopped in Brutis, in the pouring down rain, and drove to local bar and grill down the street, ate bacon cheese burgers, fries, coke (for him) and a beer for me.

Home within an hour.

Open the bottom pantry to scope out WHICH shelf would need the least work. Notice that 'someone' organized the worse shelf (the snack/bread/cereal/cracker/kid food) ... found out that Sonny Boy was looking for HIS slim jim that I had bought last week (one for each, he opted to save his) ... and he couldn't find it. Never did find it, but certainly ORGANIZED everything on that shelf. Sweet.

So, here I am, sitting in Hubbys chair, laptop on lap, cat on the arm of chair, glaring at me (since I never sit long enough for him to hop in my lap and now the computer is there!) relaxing, typing and getting ready to flip through the channels, as a load dries 10 minutes (before hanging) and the washer washes.

So um, yeah, I need to get the pantry underway tomorrow evening. It is July 1st and the challenge is ON! 


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